Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm on my way...

So here I am, snuggled in my nest in Melbourne. I flew in last night, trying to avoid being held captive by Canberra fog.
I am my way to England.

I feel torn in writing this blog between excited prattle and deep reflection on the life journey that this is part of.

So let me say both .. I am writing this on my phone and is is painful.

Yes~I am very excited about this trip. Love travel. But I do get do nervous aboutgetting something wrong.  So far I have identified one error. I have packed a pair of good shoes.. but they just don't happen to be each of the same pair...

Mark had booked tickets to see a Jane Austin play on the lawns of a Welsh castle. I can't think of anything designed to appeal to me more every. I love him s bit more again Notre.

But the greatest part of the journey is the bit that is deep. we are exchanging bicycle bells