Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Desk!

Since moving to the new house I have been making do with a desk that was essentially a tower. The work space area was as wide as my keyboard, and the desk top computer was perched higher than my ears.
My Mark, who is far more careful of my safety than I am, did not approve.

So I started hunting around for a new desk over the last few weeks.

I don't know why, but today I sprung into action at Office Works.

It has taken me until now to finish assembling everything. 

The dog drove me mad. Under foot, in walk spaces, licking my feet while I had bits balanced to screw....  arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh
Have small walk way- then place dog in it

I am knackered.

I may move the tower onto the floor under the desk. Or I may not.
I could move the drawers under the desk. But I probably won't.

Time for bed 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday

It's my baby's birthday today. 
The youngest of 4.

in 1992 the first of my set was born. Holy caw! there is no way that those pre-natal classes do anything but provide a pleasant fog in front of what you have just signed up for. 
The showdown isn't going to to be puff-puff-pant-pant or whale music or pan pipes. 
The show down is when the 4 year old takes advantage of the fact that you sleep and mixes glue and baby powder into everything you own. (Start with the baby change table, then the sewing cabinet where all pins become one, then a little for the sewing machine and then on to the airconditioner.....)
The show down is when the tears well up in eyes when you discover that in fact there had been loads of homework and Facebook wasn't part of it.

But today the baby of 4 is 15. So nearly grown up.
I am so proud of my kids. Not in a 'look what I did' way, but a 'look at you!' way